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Release that Pent-up Energy with a Guided Hike in BC!

After all that time spent at home & on Zoom, let’s get outdoors and release all that pent-up energy! Join BeWild! Adventures for a guided hike in beautiful BC.

The past year has been really tough, we can all agree on that point. We’ve all spent way too many hours sitting around at home, staring at screens and just wishing we could be anywhere else but here. Now, we can finally get up and go! From Vancouver, we have countless awe-inspiring places to explore in beautiful BC where we can surround ourselves with nature and challenge our bodies on the mountain trails.

Maybe you’re brand new to outdoor adventures or perhaps you’re a keen walker who wants a new experience. Join us at BeWild! Adventures for a day spent in the stunning mountains and around the lovely lakes on our doorstep.

Why take a guided hike in BC?

If you’re brand new to hiking and trekking, you’ll want to go with an experienced, professional guide. Not only does this ensure your safety, it’s really all about your enjoyment! There’s a lot to consider when you’re planning a hike in BC. You’ll need to pack the essentials, have all the right gear, and also be prepared to drive several hours round-trip from Vancouver and back.

It makes for a long day, especially if you’re still testing your hiking limits!

When you take a guided hike with BeWild! Adventures, we take care of all the driving, all the trail planning, and we make sure you have everything you need for a fantastic experience. We even handle all the park permits so you don’t have to worry about that extra layer of red tape. That’s the beauty of taking a guided hike: You just show up and enjoy the views!

Even if you’re an experienced walker, there’s something extra special about joining a fellow adventurer on the trail. Sharing that experience with a like-minded hiker makes it extra special. Plus, you don’t have to do all that driving!

How tough are the BC trails?

Stawamus Chief summer hike

We are so lucky to have a wide variety of hiking trails in BC, just outside of Vancouver. From very easy walking trails for exploring waterfalls to strenuous hikes for more experienced adventurers. If you’re pushing yourself to get outdoors and do more, we can help.

Some of our favourite hikes in BC are a bit on the tougher side. We particularly love Stawamus Chief, Wedgemount Trail, and Garibaldi Lake. There are easier trails, too, that are still a challenge and absolutely worth the effort, like Cheakmus Lake and Joffre Lakes.

If you’re keen to really move your body and try to undo some of the damage of sitting too much in front of a computer, you might like our Yoga Hikes! Once we reach our mid-way point, you can enjoy a guided yoga session to enhance your hiking experience.

Ready to get outdoors and move your body? Find out more!

You value your time and effort. So let us take care of the planning, navigating, driving, and guiding. Bask in the beauty of BC without worrying about a thing.

Let’s get started.