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What a crazy yet fun two years it has been! I thought I'd share a bit about us and what we have been up to:

One afternoon after a hike, Sharon and I were discussing our latest adventures and what’s up next. We talked about how awesome it makes us feel when people comment on social media about how cool our trips look. One thing that stood out though, was people saying, “I wish I could do that too”. Well why not? The common answers seemed to always be “because I am not in good enough shape”, “because I have no one to do these things with” or “because I would just hold everyone back”.

It was in that conversation that we thought, well… why can’t we take people? We'd keep it personal with small groups of people at similar fitness levels. If there is one thing I have learned about Sharon over the years is that she is a fantastic, loving, and fearless leader! Any excursion led by her is bound to be memorable.

To prove to ourselves that we were committed and that this is really something we wanted to pursue, we decided to organize an event that would introduce us and raise money for charities that are important to us. Enter ‘Zumba Summer Solstice Shakedown’.

We learned so much about ourselves, who we are and where we are headed when we organized the "Shakedown” and we had the best time! Sure there were things that we would do different or better in future events (because "if I knew then what I know now...) but I cannot express how incredibly rewarding it was to organize the event, meet and work with such phenomenal people for such great causes. To all of you who were involved and to those of you who came… YOU ROCK!!!!!

Next, we decided to test our versions of "easy" trails on some willing beginner level hikers. We chose a trail that although steep, is short, offering a taste of what some of the more advanced trails may hold. My mom was one of the nine who volunteered to be part of our test group (awe, such a supportive mommy!). The look of pride on her face when she climbed up that last rock made me so damn proud! This is a woman whom years ago, smashed her foot so bad she almost lost it! I knew then, that this is what we are meant to do. Help other people realize that they CAN, and be there to witness their moment.

More recently, as we work out the final details of our guided hiking tours, we decided to start up our own BeWild! Adventures Meetup group.

For members in this group, we offer some free guided hikes where you supply your own gear, supplies and transportation. We also organize and facilitate many other beginner-intermediate level activities such as Zip-lining, Snowmobiling, ATV, River-rafting, Archery Tag, Kayaking and much more!

After testing many similar activities with different adventure companies, (it's a tough job, but somebodies got to do it!), we are compiling a list of the best activities, in our opinion, that are the most exciting (or offer the best bang for your buck!) and partnered with those amazing companies to offer you competitive options that are tried and true ;)

Do you want to become more adventurous but don't really know where to start?  Are you new to the area or just visiting?   Do you have ideas of adventures you would like to see organized?  I'm always searching for new ideas, leave a comment, I'm all ears.


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