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+1(778) 385-9394 info@bewildadventures.com
BeWild Adventures Guide - Tiffany


Walking Tour Guide

Languages Spoken: English

Tiffany has always had an affinity with the great outdoors and wildlife. Her love of adventure has taken her around the globe as a published Travel Writer/photographer. One of her lifetime highlights was receiving an award from Dr. Jane Goodall for her work helping to establish a “Roots & Shoots program in Toronto. 
Tiffany considers herself to be quite the bird watching enthusiast. She has studied bird habitats and a variety of species in Canada and the Caribbean. Tiffany is determined to one day capture the perfect shot of the elusive St Lucian parrot deep in the rainforest. In the meantime she can be found camera in hand exploring nature, and photographing urban wildlife in and around Vancouver on a BeWild! Adventures tour.