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+1(778) 385-9394 info@bewildadventures.com


Co-Founder, Director & Nature Tour Guide

Languages Spoken: English

Coming from a small town in Northern BC and having a self proclaimed “bushman” for a father, I think I was predisposed to becoming somewhat outdoorsy. There were a lot of camping trips, fishing trips, hunting trips (not my thing!), ski trips, trail rides and weekends at the lake, just to name a few.

When we made the move to the big city (Vancouver, BC) all of that outdoor stuff stopped. I gained a lot of weight. I also found out that I have weak bones and joints, something that I was born with. 

My doctor advised me that my bones may never break because they flex, but one day they might shatter (that’s a little terrifying to think about!!) and that the best preventative measure is to build more muscle mass to hold everything together, so to speak. It took a few years but eventually I did it right and lost all the weight and built some good muscle mass. To change things up a bit I started hiking and fell in love with the outdoors again.

I have since been on a mission to do everything I am afraid of or didn’t think I could do, just to say I did. I have had the most exhilarating experiences, created some incredible memories and met some wonderful people in the process. 

In this life we all deal with setbacks, some minor and some major… mine came a few years ago I was involved in a boating accident that left me with a broken back (burst L3 Vertebra). This of course took me out of hiking again. I am a mountain girl who finds her peace in a trail, so the minute I could walk well enough and was fit to drive, I went out the door and back into the trails. Easy trails but the trees and the mountain air has such a healing affect! From this experience Nature tours were born! Day trips and tours that get you out into the trails but at a very beginner level. Hearing stories of other peoples injuries or struggles and how nature has aided their recoveries has been encouraging and enlightening and my personal driving force to make nature more accessible.