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Outdoor Adventure App Yervana Features BeWild Co-Founder Amber

Yervana featured BeWild’s very own Co-Founder and Director, Amber Rittinger. Sharing her story, Yervana highlighted Amber’s ability to empathize with folks who might feel a little intimidated by outdoor sports.

Maybe you feel like you’re not fit enough, or experienced enough, or you just don’t have the right gear and equipment. Whatever reasons you’ve been using as excuses, Amber understands! But we want to empower you to get outdoors with confidence. We’ll lead the way and make sure you’re safe, comfortable, and very happy.

Yervana features BeWild Adventures and a summer day hike to Elfin Lakes - photo of two people hiking

Yervana Features a Top Summer Day Hike

Featuring our beautiful Elfin Lakes Hike as the reason Amber co-founded BeWild, we’re sure you’ll connect with her story of having to overcome illness and injury, but finding healing in nature. Maybe you’re even in the same boat, on the road to recovery and anxious to be surrounded by nature.

If you’re hoping to get outdoors more and to explore the natural beauty of British Columbia, take a look at all of our summer hiking day trips from Vancouver. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, BeWild can help you feel confident getting outdoors and being more active. There are plenty of beginner-level activities we can do together so you don’t have to feel intimidated at all.

And if you’re eager for a more advanced outdoor adventure, we can definitely accommodate that, too. Contact us any time with questions about our tours and availability.

Read the full feature on Yervana.

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