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Five Ways Hiking is Good for You

If you’ve thought about starting to hike but have put it on the back burner – we hope reading this blog is the push you need to lace up your boots. Hiking is not only good for you, it’s fun, too! This pastime can be as chill or challenging as you like. 

Come rain or shine (or snow!), hiking is one of the best ways to explore British Columbia’s splendour. The landscape is home to mountain ranges and lakes that can be explored at any pace, at any time of the year. 

At BeWild! Adventures & Wellness, we believe that everyone deserves to experience the pleasures of hiking. Our passion is sharing the natural beauty of our Canadian home through exhilarating activities, from Yoga Hikes in British Columbia to Winter Snowshoe Hikes in BC

Our co-founder Amber has experienced life-changing injuries but has always returned to the mountains as part of her healing. So, whether you’re new to the trail or a seasoned hiker, our hikes can be sensitively tailored to your physical requirements.     

If you’re thinking about an outdoor adventure in British Columbia, we’d love to hear from you! Get in touch and we can share our local knowledge to help you plan the perfect hike.  

1. Hiking Helps Us To Become More Mindful 

While we’re wandering on a walk, our minds can do the same. Hiking is a great way to reconnect with yourself in the present moment. Sometimes, putting one foot in front of the other is all it takes to focus on the here and now. 

Why not take the first step in learning how to spend time with yourself? Experience the hiking benefits for mental health with BeWild! Adventures & Wellness.

Our Cheakamus Lake Hike & Yoga Tour is open to all levels but is especially great for hiking beginners. This day tour combines two mindful activities, ending with a yoga session near turquoise waters and towering pines. 

BeWild Adventures Cheakamus Lake Hike

2. Hiking Makes Your Body Stronger 

After keeping a steady pace on a hike, there’s nothing like reaching the pinnacle of your journey. When you slow down and feel your muscles relax, the magnificent vistas make it all worthwhile. But the views are not the only reward. Hiking is a good way to get your body fit and strong. 

Not only does this activity build endurance, but some of the hiking benefits for the legs include strengthening quads, calves, and hamstrings. Hiking is basically nature’s stairlift! 

At BeWild! we cater to all levels of fitness and experience. Intermediate hikers looking for a longer, slightly more challenging excursion will enjoy our Elfin Lakes Guided Hike. A total of 22km, the Elfin Lakes trail includes breathtaking views of Mt Garibaldi and Atwell Peak. 

Elfin summer hike

3. Hiking Reduces the Risk of Disease and Illness

Celebrating the natural world while improving health and well-being is one of our biggest joys at BeWild! Not only does hiking fortify your body and mind, but it improves your overall health. There are several benefits to hiking regularly. 

One study found that the benefits of hiking include decreased blood pressure and an enhanced immune system. It also found that hiking helped restore attention span and decreased depression – what’s not to love about that? 

BeWild Adventures Wedgemount summer hike

4. Connecting with Nature on a Hike

In a world where technology plays such an essential role in our work and personal lives, hiking is a great way to unplug. Of course, you’ll want to bring a camera to snap some of the awe-inspiring alpine views of British Columbia.

But, honestly, the only entertainment you’ll need is all around you. At BeWild! we love hiking through the seasons. Why not check out the snow-capped evergreens on one of our BC Winter Snowshoe Hikes? The region in winter is straight out of a postcard.  

Joffre winter hike

5. Make New Friends on a Hike

Aside from the physical and mental health benefits that make hiking good for you, it’s also a great way to make new friends! 

Hiking is a wonderful way to bond with small groups of people. No two hikes are ever the same, whether you’re encouraging each other up the final stretch of a trail or quietly nudging your friend, alerting them to a bald eagle. 

You’ll be surprised at the experiences and stories you’ll share when surrounded by gorgeous scenery and like-minded hikers. The team at BeWild! have seen many friendships established on our hiking trails that last a lifetime – including our team’s!

Waterfalls & Whistler Tour

From your head to your feet, hiking is good for every part of the body. Pacing is important to ward off any disadvantages of hiking, like exhaustion and injury. Using proper equipment is also vital, which is why all our tours include details on how to prepare for a hike. 

Whether you’re in the market for a group experience or a private hiking tour of British Columbia, the team at BeWild! Adventures & Wellness can design an experience that’s perfect for you. If you’re reaching for your hiking shoes, contact us and let’s start planning together!

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