LOST: Learn Outdoor Survival Training

Wilderness Survival One Day Crash Course:  


For anyone who is interested in learning survival skills, loves the outdoors or just want to have an advantage in a bad situation.  Learn to start fire without matches even in a rain storm, purify water using your socks, turn your watch into a compass, how to make a shelter, over 100 uses for a garbage bag including crossing a lake, how to use GPS, map or a compass when your phone or electronics fail or die.

HOW TO SURVIVE ANY DISASTER! We can teach you to not only survive but enjoy the beauty of the wilderness taking the fear out of the wilderness and replacing it with confidence awareness and most of all FUN! 

Recommended for ages 14 and up. We will also learn pre-trip planning, gear, animal safety and crisis decision making. This course is the prerequisite for Intermediate Survival Wilderness.

COST:  $150 


MUST: Master Urban Survival Training

Urban Survival One day crash course:


Most people understand the perils of the wilderness and being lost in the woods, but what about the urban jungle? 

The majority of people reside in urban areas or travel to cities around the globe, without fully appreciating the danger.  Whether you are an avid prepper, habitual traveler or just a person who wants to know what to do if the worst happens. You do not have to be Jason Bourne, MacGyvor or a Navy Seal to survive in an urban environment that has gone sideways; you just need some simple mental and physical tools that will make all the difference .We can help prepare you to get yourself and your loved ones out of harm's way.

What will I learn in MUST?  How to deal with all types of criminal activity from assault, rape, robbery, pick pocketing, to tips on how not to be a victim of crime at home or abroad.  How to get out of handcuffs, zip-ties or duct tape, the quickest way to immobilize an attacker. How to save yourself in an active shooter situation, how to use your cell phone to help you in a hotel fire even if you have no connection, what to do in a fire if you’re trapped floors above the street.  How to survive an earthquake, or other natural disaster, what is safe behavior and what’s not. How to survive until help can get to you. Learn to immediately locate safe drinking water, keep yourself safe while on vacation, protect your money with a simple sponge, and many more amazing tips.

Those of you who are concerned about these things potentially happening to you and your family and want to be more prepared MUST take this course. It was made for you! Recommended for ages 14 and up.

Don’t miss out, space is limited, you’ll be glad you signed up!

Cost: $150