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+1(778) 385-9394 info@bewildadventures.com

Cami’s Outdoor Adventure Tips

Get all the outdoor adventure tips and resources you need from BeWild! Adventures Guide and outdoor expert, Cami!

Looking for some outdoor adventure tips to get started safely and confidently? Check out Cami’s advice for all things mountain-related, from what to pack for a day hike to how to properly stretch after a day on the slopes and so much more.

Cami holds a diploma in Outdoor Recreation from Capilano University and is certified to guide multi-day hiking and kayaking trips. She has worked in Japan, New Zealand, and around Canada as a snowboard and yoga instructor. In her free time, she enjoys flowing down the trails with her mountain bike and reaching summits with her splitboard or climbing rope. With her vast experience and passion for getting folks out into nature, her advice for adventure activities will guide your journey into the great outdoors, no matter your sport!

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