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+1(778) 385-9394 info@bewildadventures.com

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girl in the wild


“The goal: get real, crush goals, shed insecurities, share experiences, learn self-love and leave with the tools, resources, and support to build healthy habits, form positive relationships, and rise to every challenge.” – Girl In The Wild

We love our community of adventurous brothers as much as our sisters, but being founded and run by women, we have a soft spot for the growth and development of our little sisters!

When I was first introduced to the Girl in the Wild concept I was in love!  I can’t tell you how much I wish there had been a program like this when I was a young girl!!  I immediately thought of my nieces and my friend’s daughters and I just knew this is such an important mission that we had to be involved! 

The Values, goals and mission of Girl in the Wild so intrinsically aligned with BeWild’s core values. I just felt like we had to work together! A quote from founder Kim McMullen caught my attention “I decided to stop longing for the wild and just be wild.” Amen, sister!  That’s exactly how BeWild! came to be.

Girl In The Wild brings girls together in the wild to learn how to love and respect the heck outta themselves. And they do it all for free. They cover ALL the costs by selling really cool adventure apparel, partnering with rad sponsors, and accepting donations from really nice people and organizations.

BeWild! Adventures will proudly help by donating $2 from every tour booked to Girl In The Wild.

Les Chevres


Les Chèvres de Montagne is the biggest all-women outdoor community in Canada. If you want connection, excitement and waves of laughter; they got you covered! This team of passionate adventurers create year-round outdoor events to inspire women to push their limits while having fun in the mountains.

Our partnership with Les Chèvres is what we could call love at first sight. Being two women-led organizations, we instantly connected on the importance of offering opportunities for women to fall in love with nature, adventure and themselves!

In winter 2021, we created our first event together, an Avalanche Awareness Clinic. Participants learned about some of the risks of backcountry travel and how to be prepared and efficiently manage an emergency situation. We hope to create many more events with Les Chèvres as the community grows on the West Coast.

Ladies, Stay tuned for future exciting projects.