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BeWild Co-Founder Featured in Airbnb News

Our BeWild Co-Founder and Director, Amber, was featured in Airbnb News as one of Canada’s fantastic women hosts. Her focus on getting out into nature in order to heal from illness and injury always encourages others to step outside for an adventure.

Amber also shares her delight at seeing the beautiful British Columbia environment through fresh eyes every time she leads a tour. “They get so excited,” she says of visitors to BC. “And I get to experience the excitement that I had the first time through their expressions. It is a nice reminder.”

Waterfalls and Whistler tour with BeWild Adventures
Waterfalls & Whistler Tour

Top Experience According to Airbnb

Airbnb News highlights our iconic Sea to Sky Waterfalls & Whistler Summer Tour, which we would love to invite you to join! Great for all fitness levels, we’ll stop at three of our favourite waterfalls: Shannon, Brandywine, and Alexander. This relaxed day trip from Vancouver is perfect for outdoor adventure beginners. It’s also an ideal family day out!

If you’re a BC local, we’re sure you’ll feel that same joy Amber feels every time she hits the trails with fresh eyes. Visitors always bask in the stunning scenery that we often overlook! The Sea to Sky tour is guaranteed to wow you every step of the way.

If you’re planning a visit British Columbia’s beautiful South Coast and you’re interested in our tours, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Read the full feature on Airbnb News.

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