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healthy foods for trekking and traveling

What are some great healthy foods for trekking and traveling?

Looking for some healthy foods for trekking and traveling? Get tips from the outdoor adventure experts at BeWild! Adventures, based out of Vancouver.
A person stands alone at the end of a rocky point overlooking still water

What Are the Benefits of Outdoor Recreation?

The last two years have brought enormous changes to how we interact with each other and live our lives. Our working routines have become thoroughly intertwined with our home life...
Clear blue waters of Garibaldi Lake near Vancouver

What Are Some Nice Drives Around Vancouver?

Looking to break out from the bustle of the city and hit the road for an adventure? In Vancouver, you’re spoilt for choice. Given that British Columbia is larger than...
A hiker with a backpack and gear admires the landscape

Can You Use Running Shoes for Hiking in British Columbia?

Given the immense diversity of British Columbia’s natural landscape, it’s not surprising that we’re often asked about what equipment people will need for setting out on an adventure. Whether you’re...
Vancouver skyscrapers along the water with a golden light reflection

What city in Canada is known for hiking?

While cities offer convenience and amenities aplenty, there’s nothing quite like the wonders of nature to feel rejuvenated and whole. At BeWild! Adventures, we are all about taking folks out...
BeWild Adventures Cheakamus Lake Hike

What is the difference between hiking and trekking?

For good reason, there can be plenty of confusion around the difference between hiking and trekking. Add in other terms like backpacking, thru-hiking, and long-distance hiking and you’re sure to...
Snowshoeing near Vancouver

The Best Winter Snowshoe Trails Near Vancouver

The landscapes and mountain ranges in British Columbia are famous around the world. Our BC Summer Hiking Day Trips are always popular, but there is something inspiring about our corner...
Wedgemount Lake Hiking Tour

A Local’s Guide to the Best Hikes in Whistler

There are so many incredible hikes in Whistler that we couldn’t possibly outline every single one. But we do love to share our beautiful region with locals and visitors alike,...
Person snowshoeing in BC in a dark jacket and bright red snowpants

Snowshoeing for Beginners in British Columbia

Get out into nature and experience snowshoeing in majestic British Columbia with BeWild! Join us as we share everything a beginner needs to know.
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