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Best Hiking & Adventure movies to get you through pandemic isolation

Let me start by saying, if you are a designated essential worker, hats off to you! You are amazing and we couldn’t get through this Pandemic without you.

If you are not “essential” but are doing your part to flatten the curve, good on you too! The phrase “help me, help you” comes to mind, besides, we are all in this together so lets just hunker down.

Best Hiking & Adventure movies to get you through pandemic isolation

In accordance with safe-distancing I found myself going for daily walks in my neighborhood trails just to get some fresh air and to capture that mindful meditative feeling of peace that hiking brings. I found some peace, but I also found myself longing for the mountains and lakes and wildlife, so I decided to live vicariously by watching some movies that may inspire future adventures.

To that, I have compiled a list of some great non-documentary movies that have not only helped me pass time in the evenings, but made me personally want to put on my boots, grab my backpack and hit the road jack!

It was hard to reign myself in to just a few so I have broken them into categories. Some inspiring, some based on true events, some that are good examples of what not to do, and some that are just plain fun.

Films about real trails

1. A walk in the woods – This one got me because I don’t want life to pass me by and it proves that you don’t need to be an athlete.

2. The way – Heart breaking and so satisfying at the same time, I would want to do this with or for my boys too..

3. Wild – validates our point that nature is healing and life changing..

4. Everest – Why? Just why?? Couldn’t take my eyes off the screen!

Films about survival

1. Backcountry – I was worried about being too scared to hike after this one, but there were mistakes made and I know better!

2. The mountain between us – This was such a great movie about life, love and the will to survive..

3. The Revenant – So long, but wow!!! Don’t watch if you’re even remotely sleepy though, I fell asleep the first two times trying to watch it..

4. Jungle – how terrifying this experience would have been, incredible to know that it was based on true events.

Films about Adventure Pups

1. The call of the wild – I loved the movie, great story, and now I REALLY want to explore the Yukon (in the Summer!!)

2. Homeward bound – classic staple of my childhood. If you don’t at least like this film, we can’t be friends..

3. Togo – you thought is was Balto that made the harrowing trip to save the sick children? Nope. And now I want a dog – dammit!

Films with Landscapes we’d like to explore

1. Secret life of Walter Mitty – if you are a closet adrenaline junkie working a 9-5, you will probably relate to Walter Mitty!

2. Under the Tuscan sun – This one made me want to go to Italy, rent a bike and just cruse the country side.

3. Holiday in the wild – Africa… yes please! Can I have a pet elephant?

4. Eat Prey Love – when feeling lost in the world, this one inspires taking chances and rediscovering yourself.

Other notable mentions

1. Wildlike – follows a young woman who escaped a traumatic situation and found new hope in the wilderness with a stranger..

2. Leave no trace – this one gave food for thought about how we live as a society and what is considered “proper”..

3. The River Wild – let’s go rafting they said. It’ll be fun they said…

What are your favorite hiking or adventure films?