+1(778) 385-9394 info@bewildadventures.com
+1(778) 385-9394 info@bewildadventures.com

About BeWild! Adventures

We are BeWild!

There’s something about being up on a mountain, looking all around you at Mother Natures natural beauty that is so liberating. It makes you take a step back and really see what the important things in your life are.

BeWild! Adventures & Wellness Inc., is the result of a common passion for seeking ultimate health physically, mentally, and spiritually. Reconnecting with ones-self in body and environment leads to more meaningful life experiences.

It is our belief that everyone deserves adventure and that you can, at the right pace… your pace! So, whether you are an experienced hiker or just getting into it, we provide private and small group adventures that will likely leave you with a greater sense of wanderlust as well as an optimized love of life and ultimately, health.

Our Motto

Be Fearless! Be Free! BeWild!

Our Vision

To inspire your “WOW!” through nature & adventure.

Our Mission

To make nature more accessible by providing boutique hiking experiences along British Columbia’s beautiful South Coast.

Meet Your Guides



Co-Founder, Director & Nature Tour Guide
BeWild Adventures Guide - Annie


Hiking/Tour Guide
BeWild Adventures Guide - Cami


Program Coordinator, Hiking/Tour Guide & Yoga Teacher
BeWild Adventures Guide - Tiffany


Walking Tour Guide