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A Local’s Guide to the Best Hikes in Whistler

There are so many incredible hikes in Whistler that we couldn’t possibly outline every single one. But we do love to share our beautiful region with locals and visitors alike, offering guided summer hikes to get outdoors for all the wonderful benefits this fresh mountain air can offer. For our health and for good old-fashioned fun, we would love to take you for a day trip from Vancouver out into gorgeous BC for epic views and refreshing, rejuvenating adventures outdoors!

Maybe you’re new to hiking and prefer someone else planning the logistics and guiding the way. Or maybe you’re anxious to get out of the city for an escape into nature after being cooped up for too long. Whatever your reason, we would be honoured to share these special adventures with you. Feel free to reach out any time and we can chat about our different tour options.

Without further ado, let’s get into the best hikes in Whistler!

1. Garibaldi Lake

Garibaldi Lake has to be one of our favourite Whistler hikes. The stunning views, the challenging but achievable trek, and the serenity of sitting beside Garibaldi Lake just bring so many beautiful moments together during this one-day adventure. Join us for our Garibaldi Lake Hiking Tour and we’ll take care of everything. From transport to and from Vancouver to leading the way so you never have to worry about losing the trail, we’ve got it all covered. This hike is considered intermediate, with an elevation change of 820 metres and covering 18 kilometres round-trip.

Garibaldi Lake

Are you also interested in yoga? Then join us for our Garibaldi Lake Yoga Hiking Tour and let’s combine these two rejuvenating practices! Yoga by the lake is the perfect reward and we’re sure you’ll feel completely grounded and centred after this full day out in nature.

2. Cheakamus Lake

Cheakamus Lake is another huge favourite of ours! This is definitely one of the best hikes in Whistler for so many reasons. This hike is more accessible due to its limited elevation change, making it perfect for those who are really new to outdoor adventures or for those with any knee or joint pains. Our Cheakamus Lake Hike is very popular as it’s just such an enjoyable day out. With beautiful views, a leisurely pace, and good company, this is sure to be a crowd favourite.

Cheakamus summer hike

3. High Note Trail

If you’re staying in Whistler Village and want an alpine hike with epic views, High Note Trail might just be the perfect option! Take the gondola and the Peak Chairlift to the trailhead and you’ll save yourself time and effort to get to the high-altitude good stuff. With breathtaking views of Cheakamus Lake below and the alpine trail making you feel like you’re on top of the world, High Note Trail might be a new option but it’s definitely one of the top hikes in Whistler!

4. Wedgemount Lake

Our Wedgemount Lake Hiking Tour is for the more advanced and adventurous hikers amongst us. This challenging trek is one of the best hikes in Whistler, but you certainly have to earn it. With about 1160 metres of elevation change and clocking in at 14 kilometres round-trip, Wedgemount Lake is an all-day affair. It’s one of Whistler’s wildest hikes and we just love it! 

Wedgemount Lake Hiking Tour

5. Brandywine Falls

At BeWild! Adventures, we just love waterfalls! With so many stunning falls in BC, taking folks out to see and experience their power is one of our favourite things to do. Brandywine Falls is a beautiful spot that we visit during our All About the Waterfalls Tour as well as our Waterfalls and Whistler Tour. This is an easy walking trail, making it enjoyable and accessible…and definitely one of the best hikes in Whistler! 

Curious about the other waterfalls nearby? We also visit Alexander and Shannon Falls on both tours, plus Nairn Falls when we’ve got the time. That’s the longest of these waterfalls trails at around 3 kilometres, so they’re all quite achievable for all levels.

6. Black Tusk

Black Tusk is an epic Whistler hike that’s definitely for the more advanced hikers out there. With over 1400 metres of elevation change and some scrambling at the peak, this is a challenging hike but a rewarding one! You’ll see this recognizable peak from all around this area, standing high over the lakes and valleys below. For those who live for adventure, Black Tusk is definitely one of the best Whistler hikes!

7. Panorama Ridge

Panorama Ridge is a top hike in Whistler, but it’s a very long day-hike if you don’t break it up by camping overnight. The stunning views of Garibaldi Lake from the ridge are definitely worth the efforts, with Black Tusk looming overhead as you cross the meadows during part of the hike. With an elevation change of around 1800 metres, this is not for beginners but a fantastic hike in Whistler for more advanced hikers.

8. Train Wreck Trail

This is a local favourite! The Train Wreck Trail includes graffiti-covered train cars and fantastic views of the Cheakamus River. It’s an easy, mostly flat trail and is often used by mountain bikers as well. This is a great option for families looking to hike near Whistler!

9. Elfin Lakes

Our Elfin Lakes Hiking Tour is another of our favourite hikes in Whistler! This one shows off stunning views of Mt Garibaldi and Atwell Peak, as well as lovely views of Howe Sound. At 22 kilometres round-trip with about 600 metres of elevation change, this is for intermediate hikers.

Elfin summer hike

At BeWild! Adventures, we love helping folks reach for new goals and push themselves to get outdoors more and to adventure further. If you’re up for a challenge with the wonderful benefits of stunning views and fresh mountain air, then come join us! Reach out and let’s plan your adventure. 

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