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6 Benefits of Camping

Camp Fire in Vancouver

1. Fresh Air

​It is a well documented fact that trees and foliage are nature’s air filters. ​You may find getting out of that stuffy office, where dust stirs about in recirculated air, and into the forest can not only help clean your lungs, but also improve digestion, lower blood pressure and improve your mood leaving you feeling revitalized and refreshed!

​You may even find yourself nodding off a little earlier in the evening because of all this clean fresh oxygen you’re breathing in.

​With Spring in the air and Summer just around the corner, like us, you may have camping on your mind! Whether you are a grab your backpack and hike as deep into the woods as possible kind of person or an RV home away from home kind of person camping packs some wonderful benefits.

Here I have compiled a list of our top 6 reasons to love camping.

​We are explorers, foragers, hunters and gatherers

2. Getting Back to our primal roots

​​We have greatly evolved as a species, but let’s not forget, we were not built to sit indoors 10+ hours a day. Heck, if we go far enough back we didn’t even have buildings to sit inside! Life was a permanent camping trip, albeit, far less enjoyable I presume… we are far less at risk of becoming something else’s dinner!

​We are explorers, foragers, hunters and gatherers. We were meant to be physically active and outdoors.


3. Disconnecting to Connect

​Leave the devices and Wi-Fi behind and start connecting with people face to face.

​Sitting around a campfire having a cold one or maybe toasting marshmallows for s’mores and talking… actually talking, none of this texting or whatnot.

Kids will play! No video games or apps. Isn’t this what its supposed to be like? Or maybe I am just aging myself being a child of times before internet and cell phones… and I mean seriously, I’m not even that old!

Kids will play!  No video games or apps.

4. Mental Clarity

​Have you ever notice how much being out in nature improves your thought process? I have been to many events and seminars where the key note speaker says they were on a hike or walk or out in nature when their life changing idea came to them… Me too!!!

Or that sense of awe when you wake up early to a beautiful sunrise or sit lake side and watch the sun go down. Maybe you are camping in the mountains and you have an incredible view… it makes you really sit back and find a clearer perspective on life and really appreciate where you are and where you are going.

​Solitude, even if you are camping as a group, floating on a lake just staring at the sky is blissfully relaxing, or sitting by a campfire just watching the flames flicker and dance is hypnotizing and so peaceful.

floating on a lake just staring at the sky

5. Meeting New People

​​Maybe you meet another group of campers, have joined an organized Meetup group or are on a trip with a wilderness guide. It’s like a comradery, or a brother/sisterhood. You instantly bond and connect via your present time and space. Volkswagen and Jeep drivers as well as bikers come to mind, how they wave to one another as they drive by. You may not know each other, or even have anything else in common, but in that moment you are bonded by this one common thing a love of camping.

Meeting new people

6. Problem Solving Skills and Self Confidence

​Ever try to set up a tarp in a sudden and unexpected downpour of rain and realize the trees aren’t close enough together to tie off to, or that you did not bring enough rope? Maybe you forgot some key items for camping? Let’s face it, most of us forget something and if you’re like me, you know it the second you leave your house… you just don’t know what that something is until you desperately need it! It’s pretty incredible how creative and crafty we can get in times of need.


What is your favorite part of camping? Have you ever had a challenge arise on a camping trip that you solved in a creative way? Comment below, I’d love to hear about it 🙂